Dog’s owner claims he has been killed by her pet

The owner of a dog who was killed by his handler is suing the Kennel Club of Australia, claiming the breed is over-regulated and dangerous.

A lawyer for the dog’s owner said the Kennels Club had not responded to his client’s request for an interview.

“I think it’s outrageous and totally outrageous and should be taken down,” he said.

Mr Brown said his dog was a Staffordshire terrier who was “one of the best in the state of Victoria”.

“I can’t believe she was killed,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“[My dog] loved her mum, she loved her father, she wanted to be her dog, she was her mum’s best friend and it’s just a cruel and sad thing to have happen.”

Mr Brown was not involved in the dogfight between the two dogs and his dogs owner, who is not identified, is seeking damages.

“The Kennels club is a dangerous breed, it’s a dog club that breeds animals, that’s what they do,” he argued.

Kenny, the dog, is described as a white terrier with a black coat, blue eyes and brown paws.

He is “very intelligent”, and “is a very good dog, he is very intelligent,” Mr Brown said.

“He is very loyal to me, he’s always been my dog and I love him.”

He is a good dog that I think he would have been a very loving owner, and he would be proud to have him in his family, he said, adding he believed Kenny would be safe.

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