How to keep your dogs safe in the new puppy mill era

A shelter and pet-care group have teamed up to launch a website to help parents who have lost their pet in the puppy mill system.

The Puppy Mill Safe Haven project, launched Thursday by the Humane Society of the United States and PetSafe, is a platform for parents to share their lost and found pets, as well as the tips they’ve used to reunite them with their pets.

The Puppymount Safe Haven website will include tips for parents of lost pets and a list of resources and other resources available for parents.

It also will include resources for animal rescue and education groups and pet owners, as the nonprofit aims to provide resources to all involved in the dog and cat-shelter system.

The shelter has been working to create the Puppymouth Safe Haven platform, said Kathy Sauer, CEO of the Humane Association.

Sauer is also the executive director of the National Pet Advocacy Coalition, which was instrumental in helping to build the PuppyMill program.

Sauer said she and her organization had to come up with a way to help people find their pets after their pet died.

“We have lost many dogs, and our dogs have gone missing,” Sauer said.

“So it’s a real concern that people are in that situation.

It is a real, real problem that we’re seeing.”

The Puppypost Safe Haven page features a list with tips for finding a pet.

The first section, “Tips for finding lost pets,” includes tips for pet owners.

One section on the Puppypount Safe haven website includes a list detailing how to reunify lost pets with their owners.

“It is important that parents and pet parents can communicate with one another and find common ground, and we know that reuniting lost and missing pets with loved ones is an important part of that,” Siegel said.

A second section of the Puppysafe Haven website offers tips for those who have adopted their pets and found them abandoned or stolen.

The website is available for free to parents who lost their pets or are in the process of finding them.

PetSafe also offers free resources for pet care providers, pet owners and other animal rescuers.

The nonprofit has been trying to help pet owners find lost pets for more than a decade, and it began working with the Humane League of New York City in 2017 to create a pet-finding service.

The program began with two shelters in Queens, but the shelter’s staff was unable to find every pet that had been lost, so it moved to a larger facility in the Bronx.

After it was closed, the group turned to the Puppiesafe Safe Haven to find more pets and reunite the lost ones.

Sauer said that the PuppYouth SafeHaven website is a way for people to share tips for their pets, and help other animal rescue organizations and pet caregivers connect.

“We are trying to get our message out there, and so far, we have had some very positive responses,” Sarge said.

She added that PetSafe has been able to offer some tips to help reunite lost pets.

Sarge said the Puppyx Safe Haven is designed for people who lost pets in the industry.

“People who have abandoned their pets can share their tips,” she said.

“The Puppyx shelter is designed to get your pet back, and then you can come in and have a pet.”

The shelter’s website includes links to resources that are available for pet rescue groups and other pet owners who are looking for their lost pets to reunish.

Siegel said she is hoping to build a more permanent website in the future.

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