Truck dog kenny shows off his ‘toy’ skills in Florida

A truck dog who was rescued from a dumpster is showing off his skills in a new video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Florida Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife on Thursday and shows the six-year-old trucking dog, Lucky Duck, working on his own.

He is in the middle of his workout in a trash bag when a truck with his name written on it starts to pull up, and Lucky ducks into the driver’s seat.

He immediately looks around and notices that the dumpster has a lot of stuff in it, and he quickly moves toward it to grab it and open it.

Lucky ducks back into the dump truck, where he quickly finds the other dumpster in a different area, and starts moving around in the debris and other trash.

He jumps in and opens the dump, and the driver of the truck behind him picks up the dog, and they both start working together to get the trash out.

Lucky ducks in, gets back in the truck, and gets ready to go back to the dump.

The truck truck driver and Lucky duck have fun working together and getting the trash from the dump out.

The dog is now on his way to a vet to have his leg amputated, and will be undergoing surgeries in a few weeks, but he is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.

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