9-year-old boy killed in dog attack leaves behind $100,000

A 9-years-old son has been killed in a dog attack in Georgia.

The boy, whose name was not released, was visiting friends in a small town north of Atlanta when he was attacked.

Authorities say the dog bit him in the face and throat and he was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later.

His body was discovered after the attack.

He was a pet of one of the boys who had recently moved to the family’s small town.

“I just feel so bad for the family,” said the boy’s father, Robert Thomas.

“My heart hurts for them.”

“We didn’t want to leave him, but we did have to let him go,” he added.

Thomas said the dog attacked the boy for no apparent reason.

According to police, the dog then ran from the home before the boy returned to his friends house.

In all, the boy was attacked 11 times, most recently in July 2016.

On Saturday, authorities said the family planned to move out of the small town to be closer to their three children.

Georgia is the second state in the country to pass a law allowing for the use of lethal force to protect pets.

A bill approved by the state House of Representatives in January allows police to kill an animal if they have reasonable suspicion that the animal poses a threat to the public.

Lawmakers also approved a bill in January that would make the killing of a dog punishable by a maximum of 20 years in prison.

An animal control officer in Georgia will be allowed to use lethal force if a dog owner has given the officer probable cause that the dog poses a danger to the life of the owner.

But only if the dog is “dangerous to the health or welfare of the dog’s owner or other person.”

The dog will be euthanized if it is found to be “dangerously” in need of medical care.

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