A dog’s journey to freedom

Willow Spring Kennels and Butler Kennels Rottweiler are two of the most prominent breeders in Canada, but their owners have yet to come to terms with their recent history.

They were founded in 1869 by an Englishman named William Butler.

Butler started the breeding program after his dog, a German Shepherd named Lucy, had escaped from a farm in the U.K. and made its way across the English Channel.

The two were rescued and eventually adopted by a couple in Maine.

Butler’s dogs have since come under fire from animal rights groups, who say their breed is abused and neglected.

Willow Springs Kennels is a privately owned company, while Butler’s Kennels are owned by a local family.

Both the company and the family have faced some backlash, however, as well as threats to shut down.

Willows owners say that despite this, they continue to support their animals.

“We have been very open about our ownership.

We’ve been very transparent.

We know exactly where we come from and what we do, and we’re proud of it,” Willows owner Mark Butler told CBC News in an interview last week.

“It’s just been an ongoing thing, and our ownership is really, really great.”

The dogs were given the nickname of “Butler’s Roommate” and were often used by the family as mascots.

Willowers owners also said that the dogs have been used for other things like filming commercials.

They have even been used to rescue a cat named Jack from the owners home, a pet that was subsequently adopted by the Butler family.

WillOWS Kennels says that the dog has been “wonderful” for both Willows and Butler’s owners, but has also faced some criticism.

WillOW SPRINGS KENNELS has been contacted by animal rights activists, who have said that they are calling on Willows Kennels to stop breeding their dogs and to release the dog back into its owner’s care.

Willowl Springs Kennel says it has no plans to shut its doors.

WillWows owners have also launched a petition on Change.org, asking for Butler’s family to “return the dog to its owner.”

A spokesperson for the family did not immediately respond to CBC News’ request for comment on this story.

WillWillow Springs owners say they are “devastated” by what happened to their dogs, but that the situation could have been handled better.

“They’re very loyal dogs and we love them very much.

But it was just a bad experience,” said Willows Spring Kennel owner, Mark Butler.

“We would love to have the opportunity to go back, and let them come home, but unfortunately they haven’t.”

Willows Spring has not released any official statement on the situation, and has not responded to requests for comment from CBC News.

Willow Spring owners say their dogs are not being euthanized, however.

WillWs owners have said in a statement that they have not received any death threats, and that they hope to resolve the situation with Butler’s and Willows Springs Kennell.

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