Fox Creek Kennels: Cats are the best in the world

The cats in Fox Creek, a small, rural, mostly white suburb in rural Georgia, are the most well-known.

The dogs are usually just in there to help them out.

Fox Creek is home to a very limited number of dogs, though the cat population is not restricted to the kennell.

In fact, the cat owner says, there are so many cats in the neighborhood, she’s getting a lot of visitors.

“We’re getting a ton of visitors a lot more than we used to,” the owner told Buzzfeed.

The kennells have over 500 cats.

“We’ve never seen that number of cats before,” the dog owner said.

Fox Creeks owner Lyle Davis, a dog walker, said she’s never had a cat.

It’s been a long time since she had a kennelly cat, which she considers a blessing.

The fox creeks cat population was once so large that she would have to take her dog and the cats out of the kenser when she went to work.

She said her kennelling has gotten so much better.

“You just don’t want to leave the kenzels alone.

You want to be able to leave them alone, and they need a safe environment to come in,” Davis said.

“They’re so cute, and so friendly.”

The Fox Creek Cats Kennel is just one of several kennelled in Georgia that are home to over a hundred cats.

The owner of Fox Creek kennets said the cat community has become so much more inclusive.

“I think there’s more people that are kind of accepting of the cats than there used to be,” the kenzie owner said, “and we’ve become a more accepting community.”

Fox Creek was the first kenneller in the country to open in 2011.

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