Lowes dog shelter has been raided in Australia

The owner of a pet shelter in Australia has been arrested on suspicion of running a dog pound.

Key points:A search warrant was executed at a Lowes Petco dog shop in AustraliaPolice found more than 50 dogs and 20 catsThe dog owner faces charges including animal cruelty, criminal damage and importing illegal drugsThe search warrant for the Lowes Dog Kennels was executed late on Thursday, a day after a raid on the premises.

The operation was carried out by the Queensland Police Service (QPS), and the owners of the Petco store were arrested at their home in the city of Mildura.

A spokesperson for QPS said: “The search warrants were executed in relation to a number of animals found at the LowESK premises in Mildura, and it is expected the owners will be arrested.”

Officers from the Queensland Drug Squad have been informed and are working with the PetCo store owners.

“A statement from Lowes said: ‘Lowes Dog Kennels and its owners have always taken the safety of its staff and customers very seriously.”

The Petco Kennels staff and members are appalled by the actions of some members of the public that are making threats and harassing Lowes employees, customers and members of our community.

“Lowes is committed to a safe and healthy environment for our staff and community members and is working closely with police and the local community to ensure this safe environment.”

A spokesman for Petco said: “‘We are deeply concerned about the allegations in the media and are investigating the allegations.

We will cooperate fully with the authorities.”

The PetCo Kennels was one of the top dog breeders in Australia, according to the Dog Breeders’ Association of Australia.

The Dog Breed Council of Australia (DBCA) said it was “deeply shocked” to learn of the allegations, and that its members were “working to find out the full circumstances surrounding the allegations”.ABC News’ Robyn Anderson reports.

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