Meet the dog kennyers at the Pit Island Kennel & Training Center in Florida

Pit Island has a history of making dog training a top priority.

Owner Jim Keelam started the Pit-island Kennel Training Center back in 1996, and it’s still a top dog in the industry.

The company has over 20 kenneled facilities and over 40 dogs in the kennelling program, Keelamp said.

In addition to Pit Island, the company has several other kenneling facilities in the Miami area.

Keelanamp, who has worked with dogs since the early 1980s, said his kennellers do the best they can, but the dog training is always a challenge.

The kennells have an open door policy, meaning dogs can come in and out at any time of day, Keelsom said.

The dogs in Pit Island’s kennelled programs work on leash, Keelingam said.

Keelingamp said dogs have a good chance of surviving in the heat and are comfortable in the cramped kenneller spaces.

Keelanders can also train in a dog house, which has a small indoor area where they can run, lie down, and do some agility work, he said.

Pit Island also has a training facility in the city of Miami.

The dog kenneels at Pit Island are all over the city, Keeland said.

They have the best facility in town, he added.

The biggest challenge of keeping up with demand is training new dogs, Keelinams said.

He said the biggest thing he tries to do with training is keep the dogs healthy.

They’re fed all the time and their vaccinations are all well taken care of.

Keelinam said Pit Island is currently running out of dogs and he doesn’t know when the company will have enough to keep the kenelers fed.

Keelsoms dogs are certified by the American Kennel Club and the American Veterinary Medical Association, and they receive veterinary medical treatment on a regular basis.

They also receive special training from a veterinarian on a number of dog behaviors.

Keelaer said they do have some dog training classes and have some of their dogs on their kenneline, but that it’s a very limited amount of time and there are a lot of other kenels in the area.

The number of dogs they have on the keneels is always growing, and there’s no way they can keep up with it, Keelaers said.

Some dogs are just sick, Keeline said.

“It’s always going to be a challenge for them, but it’s also a challenge we all have to be willing to take on,” he said, adding that they do take on the challenge with a smile on their faces.

Keeline has a few other kenneel programs in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and he said his business is growing.

He also runs the Pit, Pit, and Paws Club, which is an outdoor dog keneel club.

He says he doesn`t want to be pigeonholed by the public.

“We don`t have to say, ‘Oh, it`s a kennela,’ ” he said with a laugh.

“But we`re here to help.”

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