New York dog kitties named ‘willow’ and ‘sprout’ as part of campaign

NEW YORK — The New York City Parks Department has created a campaign to educate the public about the benefits of a kennelled, plastic dog kitty.

The program was launched on Facebook, and the department has also created a website and blog,

This is part of a campaign called Willow Spring and Sprout, which aims to spread the message that dogs are no longer pets and instead, are a part of the community.

The campaign will be shared on social media with a hashtag, #willowspringsprout, in an effort to encourage pet owners to adopt and rehome their beloved pets.

The hashtag is in reference to a popular dog toy from Toy Story, which the department describes as a soft plastic toy that allows owners to give their furry friends a soft and playful home.

The department has said that the hashtag, which was created by an artist and artist friend, was inspired by the dog-friendly trend, where pets are increasingly becoming a part to everyday life, and have been becoming a more and more common sight in NYC neighborhoods.

The New Yorkers in charge of the campaign said the campaign aims to highlight the value of kittages and the positive effects they can have on a family.

The initiative was launched after a group of New Yorkers contacted the department and said that their beloved dogs, which were given a place of honor at their homes, were becoming more and a more frequent sight at the homes of their neighbors.

The owners have also said that they wanted to help the public understand that kittage is not a pet, and is instead a part-time activity for the dog.

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