Polygon’s new petco dog groomer features ‘shower curtain’ in photos

When you think of petco, you might think of their adorable kenneled service dogs.

But there’s more to the company than that.

Petco is known for its large number of kennelled service dogs, and for being a dog groomers that offer some truly unique options for the consumer.

This year, they’ve released a brand new grooming service called the Petco Dog Kennel.

The new grooming products come with a shower curtain, and feature a unique shower curtain design, according to a Polygon article. 

The shower curtain is made from a transparent plastic material, and has a curved edge.

It has a removable handle and comes with a soft wash cloth that sits on the back.

The handle is a metal tube that extends into the water of the shower. 

A small section of the curtain hangs below the handle, and a lighted LED strip is attached to the end of the tube.

When the light is on, the curtain will flash white, and when it’s not, the light will flash blue. 

You can use the curtain to get your dog ready for a shower, or if you just want to clean your dog’s fur and grooming kit, the white light can help your dog to get more out of his hair. 

There’s also a removable shampoo bottle, and the curtain can be removed for cleaning purposes.

The shower curtain also comes with one of the most unique petco shower systems ever made, the PetCo Shower System, which features two separate shower doors.

One door has a water shower valve that opens to the outside, and another has a drain that runs into the house.

The door closes when the water level drops, and you can also turn on the shower to get extra scrubbing. 

When you are ready to clean up, you simply pull the curtain off, and wash the dogs hair with the towel.

The towel is made of an opaque plastic material that has a high-quality shine and is easy to clean.

It also comes in three sizes, and comes in two colors, white and blue.

The Petco Shower system comes with three different types of shower head. 

One has a regular shower head that comes with two different sized shower doors, and one has a more compact shower head with just one door. 

Both the shower heads are adjustable, and are made of high-tech plastic that can be cleaned with your fingernail or a soft cloth.

There are also removable rags that are attached to either side of the plastic shower curtain. 

In addition to the shower curtain and the shower head, Petco has released a new shampoo dispenser.

The dispenser can be used to use their shampoo at home, and is very easy to use. 

This dispenser comes in a standard white and yellow color, and it has a single-use tip that you can attach to your hair or washcloth.

The petco shampoo dispensers come in a wide range of sizes, from a small size for shampooing dogs to a large size for spraying dogs. 

Petco also released an additional shower accessory, called the Shower Cleaner. 

While the shower is the most basic shower accessory you can buy, PetCo also released a second accessory that can clean the sides of your home, including the sides that are facing the shower and the bathroom. 

If you need help cleaning up your dog, you can order a Shower Brush for your dog from Petco for $69. 

 This is the second year Petco is releasing a petco service dog grooming product, and they are adding another to the lineup this year.

The company also has a separate grooming service for horses, and in 2019, they added a horse grooming product to their lineup.

PetCo has been one of my favorite petco stores, and I really appreciate how well their service dogs are treated.

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