Puppy cough causes kennels to swell

A kenneled dog in New Jersey that is coughing and having difficulty breathing may be the cause of more puppies being sent to puppy mills.CBS 2’s Jessica Binkley reports.

The New Jersey Kennel Club said the dog, who is about 3 months old, was given an IV drip.

The club said it has not been able to find a cause of the cough and it is testing the dog for respiratory problems.

A spokesman for the New Jersey Kennel Club, Michael Boulware, said the club had not seen a similar situation involving puppies in the past and was not aware of a similar case.

The dog, named Willow, has had a hard time breathing.

The kenneling said it had no plans to send any more puppies to puppy farms.

A New Jersey State Veterinarian said it would take time to find out how the cough could have gotten into the dog’s system.

He said a cough can be a sign of respiratory problems that need attention.

We don’t know if it was caused by something else that was in the air, or whether it was an airborne contaminant.

If you have symptoms, you should see a veterinarian immediately.

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