Puppy Rescue Organization Releases Photos of Its Puppy Pack of 25 Puppies and the 2 Puppy Kings

We are pleased to share a new set of photos that show the puppies that we rescue at Astro Kennels.

The photos are now available on our website as well as our social media pages and we hope that you will be able to see them and share them with your friends.

Our newest puppies arrived in our care in October, and they have been doing well.

We are thrilled to be able help the kennel and their owners, the Kennel Owners Club, as they continue to be an important part of our rescue program.

The new puppies are the second in a series of puppies that are being rescued from the Kennels of America.

The Kennel Kings and their rescues have been a huge part of Astro’s rescue program for many years.

In 2018, we rescued 25 puppies from the kenning and we have rescued dozens of more puppies.

We will continue to rescue puppies from Kennels in need as we continue to expand our rescue programs.

Astro has been one of the leading rescue organizations in the United States and abroad since 1989.

The Astro Rescue Mission was founded in 1987 to rescue kenneled, neglected and abandoned animals.

We have been providing assistance to over 500 kenneling rescue groups, including the American Kennel Club and other organizations.

We hope that the new photos of Astrodome puppies will help raise awareness of the rescues work and that the Kennells of America will adopt them for adoption.

We also want to thank all the rescuers and rescue volunteers that have assisted us over the years.

Astrodomes new rescue puppy has a long way to go to make it home, but we are confident that he will make it.

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