‘Dirty Wars’ sequel in development, as studio makes ‘dirty war’ sequel

Polygon has confirmed that “Dirty War 2” is in the works.

The studio said it will be developed by “Team17” and “Aperture Science” with “a team led by Mark Cerny and Phil Fish.”

Cerny, who was recently announced as the director of the sequel, will serve as the co-writer on the project.

“It’s a dirty war, it’s a war of honor, it is a war in a way that will bring the best of the first game into a world that will be a much different place,” Cernys stated.

“We want to show the players that, if you don’t do the right thing, you will be punished.

We want to make it very clear that there are consequences for doing the wrong thing.”CERNY, CERNY AND THE DREADFUL WARS sequel is in development at Polygon.

“Dirtiest War” will be released on Xbox One and PC on March 23, 2017.

The game is scheduled to be released digitally on March 24.

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