How to spot the best outdoor dog training camps in the country

Diamond Kennels, which offers dog travel, indoor dog training and outdoor dog camps, is the latest dog training company to get a new name.

Owner/operator Matt Bischoff, whose name translates to “the fox,” says he is hoping the new name will help his company attract more visitors to its outdoor dog events.

Bischoff says the new Diamond Kennel will make Diamond Kennells a “national destination” for dog training.

It will be the second dog training facility in New York, after the first one, the Diamond Kennell Dog Park.

Diamond Kennelling will also feature a dog training class, an outdoor dog course, and an agility and agility studio, among other facilities.

The new Diamond Kennels will also offer outdoor dog boarding, which will be open to everyone.

Bitchin’ the Dog, a dog travel company based in Chicago, announced its addition to the National Dog Training Registry on Tuesday.

The company offers dog training in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The company is based in Atlanta, but Bitchin the Dog has a franchise in New England.

The New England franchise offers indoor dog travel.

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