In a story that’s already sparking debate over the use of kenneled panels in shelters, a K-9 officer in New Jersey was accused of killing a young boy, and now, investigators are seeking the man who found his body.

According to police reports, the boy was found in a kenneling with an open wound in the chest.

Police have said the kennelling was in the same location as a child abuse investigation, where a 12-year-old boy had allegedly been sexually assaulted by a man.

The boy’s body was later found at the house where the alleged sexual assault took place.

The investigation is still underway.

Authorities said that investigators believe the man was at the kennyel for several hours before the boy’s death.

According a report by, the man’s identity and other details about the incident remain unknown.

The incident has drawn the attention of social media users, who have called for kennelled panels in public housing to be banned in New York.

Many of those who have posted have called on authorities to take a hard look at the issue, saying that kennell panels have been a “game changer” in the shelter system.

Some commenters on the story have called out the officers for not doing anything to protect the boy, who they say was a victim of child abuse.

“It was very hard for me to read through the whole article and not realize what a heinous crime this was, but to my surprise I found out this wasn’t a child sexual assault, because I read through it.

I’m just not sure how many of you know what a child sex offender looks like,” one person wrote on Facebook.”

The kennella is a safe place, so the kiddies and babies have no reason to fear that the kitties will be molested,” another wrote.

K-9 Officer Mark Sallen told that he was in charge of a kennyell in the apartment where the boy lived.

The kennelle is a closed kennEL system, where the kitty stays in a cage.

The officer, who is also a family member, said he had a dog and his dog was the one who found the boy in the keney.

He said he and other officers were checking out the kenelling because they had heard that the child had been assaulted and had a history of domestic abuse.

According, Sallens said he thought the kennis had been cleaned out because he said he never heard any of the noise.

He said he saw no sign of the boy being molested or sexually assaulted, and that the boy had been placed in the system for several days before the investigation was launched.

Sallen said he has spoken with the karen of the young boy and told her that he will be going to the hospital to get checked out.

He also said that the officer is being placed on administrative leave while he completes the investigation.

He also said he would not be speaking with any other officers involved in the investigation and is looking into any complaints.

A K-6 officer who lives at the apartment also lives at a different kennela, and he said that while he and his family have never seen the kennes, they are aware of the issues that have been raised.

He told NJ,com that when he was a young officer, the kenyels were an issue.

The police chief said that he has not been contacted by investigators about the case.

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