Two cats rescued from car wreck and reunited with owner

By Katie Phelan,ESPN Staff WriterThe owner of a K-9 dog who was rescued from a car wreck last week has reunited with her two puppies.

It’s been nearly six months since Jessica and her puppies, K-2, were left in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car after a collision in June.

Jessica, a rescue-kennel keeper, and her dogs are now living with their owners in New York City, where they have been fostered by the PetSmart shelter.

PetSmart spokeswoman Lisa Sperling said the dogs have been getting lots of attention.

“They’re a big hit,” Sperlings said.

“People say, ‘You’re a good dog.’

They’re looking for a good home.

We’re just trying to help her out and get her through this.

She’s very energetic, she likes to be outside.”

Jessica was in a serious condition when she was found, Sperls said.

She was rushed to an area hospital and spent the next several weeks in the intensive care unit.

Her recovery has been slow, and she is still in shock.

She is expected to survive, but has been in and out of intensive care for months.

The K-1 pup, who was taken in by a shelter in Florida, is recovering at home and is expected back soon, Sreng said.

The K-4, a German shepherd mix, was adopted from the PetCo shelter.

“It’s really special for her to get a chance to see her puppies again,” Sreeglings told ESPN.

“And hopefully she’ll get a good life.”

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