A fox, a puppy, and a cat saved from a deadly fox hunt

KENNELS ROLLERBACKERS The owners of two puppies rescued from a fatal fox hunt say they were the lucky ones.

In late July, a fox was seen running through a field in North Carolina, killing a baby kennelle that had just been born.

Foxes can be deadly to children.

A month later, a male fox was shot by a homeowner in Alabama.

And last month, a woman in California shot and killed her two puppies after finding the pair, both 3 weeks old, in a field.

The dogs were in a stable condition when a family member saw them in the woods, according to Kelli Diggs of North Carolina.

“We have a fox, and we have a puppy.

We are the lucky people.

I don’t know what else to say,” Diggs said.

The owner of the dogs, Ramiro Rodriguez, told WTVD that he had been in a standoff with the family of the dead fox and they would have killed the fox.

But the family called 911 and a police officer came to the scene and shot the fox with a tranquilizer dart, according the WTVDS news station.

Rodriguez said the officer then called the family’s friends and said he was the one who shot the animal.

“He said, ‘I have an open warrant for you, and I am going to kill you,'” he said.

Rodrodgis’ family said they had been living with the dogs for six months and had had several encounters with the foxes, including one where it killed a dog.

“We had a dog, he had to kill the dog.

I had to do something,” Rodriguez said.

“And he killed the dog, and he had a gun.

The family said their dogs are still in the care of a neighbor.”

They are very cute and very happy, and the fox has them in his sights.”

The family said their dogs are still in the care of a neighbor.

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