Dogs get ready to hunt, hunt, fight for the dog title Dogs and their handlers gear up to battle it out for the owner

Posted April 02, 2018 05:59:10 Dogs get Ready to Hunt, Hunt, Fight for the Dog The owners of a dog breeder in Sweden, who brought her puppies home from the vet, are gearing up to try and save their dogs.

The puppies were born with severe deformities and it took the owners some time to find them a new home.

Now, the family is preparing to raise the dogs and find a new owner for them.

It is an unlikely scenario for the owners, but they have no other choice.

The family is looking to take the dogs back home and adopt them.

Swiss Ridge Kennels in Breda, Sweden, is now offering to house and raise the kenneled dogs.

They have put up posters around the city asking the public to donate if they can.

They say that there are some dogs out there that are at a risk for microcephaly and the dog breder, Lina, has been in contact with the owners.

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that she has a dog with a severe birth defect and has had to bring the dogs home from hospital.

Lina says that they are not looking for a home right now, but would like to find a permanent home.

Lina says they are planning to raise money to have the dogs vaccinated, to try to stop the spread of microcephi, a virus that can cause brain damage in newborns.

The puppy has a microcephalus, which means the skull is too small for the baby to be born.

The dog breders have said that the dogs should not be allowed to leave the shelter and the family has to make sure that they have the proper facilities.

It is a huge undertaking to raise and care for a dog, and Lina has been working with veterinarians and other animal experts for weeks to try find a solution to their problem.

There are about 1,000 dogs and cats that are affected with microcephephaly, but Lina is working with other breeders to find homes for the animals.

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