German shepherd kenshirts ‘need antibiotics’ after pneumonia

A German shepherd puppy is recovering after an illness that left him dehydrated, weak and weak and requiring medical attention, the dog’s owners said.

Kenny, a 6-month-old German shepherd, is recovering from pneumonia at a German Shepherd Kennel in Leipzig, according to his owners.

“I didn’t know how bad it was,” he told

“He just went into the hospital.

He was so weak and I couldn’t take care of him.

He’s got a few weeks to go, but he’s doing better.”

Kenny’s owners say the dog has recovered since the pneumonia diagnosis.

The dog’s owner says the puppy has been well cared for.

He has been tested and taken off the antibiotics.

Kennel owners say they are thankful for the quick and efficient care Kenny received.

“He’s a great dog,” said owner Eva Löwen, adding that the dog is doing well.

“I would not change a thing about Kenny.”

Kennels have been in the news recently due to the case of another German shepherd who contracted pneumonia.

That dog died in September after complications from pneumonia.

In addition to the dog case, German Shepherd owners have reported a number of other illnesses.

The owners of the dogs at the Leipziger Kennel say they have all been tested positive for human coronavirus.

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