How to adopt a dog

New Delhi: A man in his 50s with no formal training in dog-care has found his new home.

The man, who did not want to be named, moved to Kolkata from the city in north-eastern India, but decided to adopt from the shelter.

He has a greyhound mix named Mimi, a rescue and rescue centre has taken him in.

A shelter worker at the Kolkatta shelter said he was in his mid-50s, but the man is fit, smart and a keen gardener.

“I would have loved to adopt Mimi if I had known that she would be such a big hit.

It’s a miracle that she’s a dog-lover,” said Sharmila Jain, who runs the Kondhkam shelter.

The shelter is one of the biggest dog-breeding kennel facilities in the city.

The kenneling centre said it would help with the rescue, but it would be the next step.

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