How to avoid boarding kiosks at pet stores

The best way to avoid the boarding kink at pet shops is to make sure you’re in the right location, experts say.

“The best way is to find an indoor pet store, which is an ideal spot to put your dog,” said Karen Johnson, an animal behaviorist and author of The Dog Inside.

“If you’re on the beach or the beachfront, there are a lot of places to put a dog.”

When you’re boarding, there’s always a risk of getting attacked by a potential dog.

“It’s a very dangerous activity,” said Joanne Pernice, owner of the New York City-based dog boarding service Chilly Dog.

“A dog that sees someone with a large-caliber weapon could strike you with an iron fist, or a knife, or it could be a gun.”

You also have to be prepared for what could happen if you get hit by a dog while boarding, and that means staying calm and knowing your boundaries.

“Your dog needs to feel safe and secure to be in a situation where you are,” said Pernile.

You have to watch out for your own safety as well, Pernie said.

“There are always risks to your dog and your dog needs protection,” she said. 

When you are boarding a dog, there is an increased chance that it may bite or scratch.

Johnson recommends taking a picture of your dog’s collar, and then posting the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #mykennel #chillydog .

“It’s important that people see your dog in the same light,” she added.

“Don’t be afraid to show your dog how to be a puppy or an adult dog, just make sure it doesn’t get hurt.” 

If you want to avoid getting attacked, Parnice suggested that you have a few things in mind when you are at the store.

“Be sure to ask about the pet store policy before you go,” she recommended.

“You want to make your purchase, but don’t be tempted to get into a fight with someone.”

If you can’t be in the shop while boarding and your puppy is in your lap, Johnson said that you can put your puppy on a leash to be close to you.

“But it’s better to just put your baby on the leash and let him play,” she explained. 

“Be careful not to get too close to a dog,” Parnie added.

If your dog is too young to have a leash, you can use a dog leash for your puppy, or even give him a harness to walk around in.

“That’s one of the best things you can do to keep your puppy safe,” Perni said.

You can also buy a puppy collar to wear, which can be worn while boarding your puppy. 

Johnson said that the best way for you to be safe when boarding a puppy is to be cautious, and to be aware of your surroundings.

“Babies don’t walk alone, so be sure that they are being followed, especially your dog.”

Pets have an incredible responsibility, but you have to do everything possible to make their lives better and better,” she concluded.

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