How to keep your dogs happy in the summer and winter with our list of winter-friendly shelters

In the spring and summer, dogs may find shelter from the harsh elements.

This is especially true for our cats and kittens.

Read more about shelter and sheltering animals.

The shelter animals are most vulnerable to the elements during winter, which means it’s important to get them acclimated.

Here are a few tips to keep the pets happy in their new winter home.


Make sure your shelter has a well-stocked fridge and freezers.

You don’t want to make a mistake and let your dog starve while you’re out.

A well-equipped shelter will also have a pantry stocked with fresh food, canned food, and more.

Keep a few essentials like water bowls and water bowls to keep their stomachs full.

The pantry will also be stocked with snacks and fresh water.


Don’t forget your dogs’ favourite treats.

Some shelter pets love to nibble on fresh treats, which can be a welcome sight to a hungry cat.

This can be especially rewarding to the pet that is trying to escape.

For example, one cat might have a bowl of peanut butter, but the other may have a spoonful of fresh berries.

When the kitten gets the treat, it will also dig his claws into the treats.

You may have to get creative to keep a pet from biting.


Keep the cat cozy.

If you’re looking to keep them as cozy as possible during the winter months, you can keep a cat in your outdoor shelter as long as they’re wearing a hat and leash.

Make the shelter as cozy for the cat as possible by creating a kitty bed.

Make a cat bed with a small sleeping mat underneath and a blanket to keep him company.

You can also make a cat-friendly cat bed out of cardboard or a hardwood floor.

You could also use a big box or cardboard box to put a cat on to, but that’s up to you.

Make your shelter cozy to keep both the cats and the dog entertained and to make sure that you’re not neglecting them.


Keep your shelter pet-friendly.

While shelters are usually a safe environment for your cat and dog, there’s always the chance that they may have trouble getting along with other animals.

It’s important that your shelter cat and dogs get along well.

They’ll be happier, healthier, and healthier when you’re around them.

Make it a point to introduce your shelter pets to new people, animals, and places that they might not have known about.

If they aren’t comfortable with your shelter, that’s okay.

Just make sure they get the chance to get to know you.


Make room for your shelter cats.

Your shelter cats need space to roam freely, and they’ll love the company of other cats.

Make space for them to run around, hide from predators, and get a good workout during the cold.

Keep an eye on your shelter’s outdoor space and make sure your cat is always in the shade.

If there’s a kennels nearby, try to have your cat in a kitties pen.

It may help to have a pet carrier with a kiddy tag for your furry friend.


Make an outdoor cat bed.

If your shelter does have an outdoor kenneling area, make sure you have room to put your shelter dog in the area.

The outdoor kitty pen can be used for both the shelter cat as well as the shelter dog.

If a shelter cat isn’t comfortable in a cage, they’ll likely prefer a kiddie-tagged kennet.

You’ll want to put the kiddies kennets in the middle of the outdoor kitten pen.

You should also have an outside cat bed that your cat can use while you sleep.

You will want to keep all of your cats in their own kennell, or a separate kennelling area.

You might even want to place the kennells in a separate room from the rest of your shelter.


Make shelter cat toys for shelter dogs.

If shelter dogs like to play with toys, they will love having a cat’s favourite toy in their den.

It’ll be a great way for them not only to get a break from their daily activities, but also give them something to do during the day.

Try creating a cat kitty-tag or two for your shelters cats to give them as treats.

Make fun little things for your cats to play and have fun with.

Keep them away from other animals, as well.


Get a pet sitter.

Pet sitters are essential for keeping your shelter dogs comfortable and happy.

Your cat or dog may have some trouble getting comfortable when you don’t have a sitter nearby to help.

Having a pet-sitting companion can make your shelter a safe and comfortable place for your pet.

This may include a small, safe area, a blanket, and a pet crate to hold your pet, along with

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