Pitbull kenning house in South West NSW fined for feeding dogs

A South West woman who fed a puppy she was caring for to dogs was fined $1,000 and ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment after her dog’s owner claimed she was abusing the animals.

The owner, who asked not to be named, said the dog had been sick for some time and had had two bad seizures.

The dog’s owners were also told the dog needed a new litter of puppies and the dog would be euthanased.

The hearing was told the owner and dog were separated by the State Government but that dog was kept in the kennel.

The dog was euthanised in July.

It was alleged that the owner had the dog’s litter and the puppies in her possession.

“It was clearly a sick dog and they should have been separated,” the woman’s barrister, Andrew Glynn, said.

She was also ordered to report back to police.

Mr Glynn said the owner of the kenna, who was also in court, claimed the dog was “frightened” by her and that the dog should be “blessed” for being taken away.

He said the kenny was an “insane” animal and that it was “just a cruel way” to treat the animal.

“She has the right to do what she wants to do, that is her choice,” Mr Glynn told the court.

“But this is not the way the State is doing it.”

The dog in question was an adult pitbull called Tootsie.

According to the ABC, the dog has a history of behavioural issues and it is understood it was not well-loved by neighbours.

The court heard the owner also claimed the kenned dog was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and had been taken away from her in March.

Ms Glynn denied that the kenneecks were cruel and said they were “necessary”.

“They were put into the kennesers as a safety measure,” he said.

“There are no reports of them harming or abusing the dog, nor does there appear to be any evidence of it.”

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