When cats go to the pet store

In the dog and cat world, it can take a while for the animals to acclimate to their new surroundings.

But one pet store owner says she’s seen it happen in her store, where her customers have noticed their new dogs and cats are much more docile than the other cats and dogs she’s had for years.

In the past couple of years, the dogs and their owners have become much more comfortable.

Now, she said, she sees them go outside and play.

They’ve even become more playful.

“They’re not aggressive, they’re playful,” she said.

“It’s really amazing how much they get along with each other.”

The owner, who is not named, said she has noticed that her store’s cat and dog population is growing.

“There’s a lot of dogs and a lot more cats.

That’s what you need,” she told The Washington Times.

She added that the cats are becoming more social, with more play time, as well as playing with each others’ toys and their own poop.

So far, she’s not seeing a big increase in aggressive behavior from the dogs.

But she said she is seeing some more aggressive behavior.

“I’m seeing more aggression,” she recalled.

“More biting, and some dogs are jumping on the furniture and stuff.

I mean, dogs are just so big and powerful.

And the bigger the dog, the more it can go.”

Cats also have a harder time adapting.

“That’s why you see them jump out of windows, they just jump up and down,” she explained.

“The cats don’t have the same mobility.

It’s not as easy as it is for a dog.”

The owners of several pet stores have also noticed a difference in how their customers treat their new pets.

“People are just treating them like babies,” said Kristi Taylor, owner of Pet Mart in Kennett.

“And I’m just seeing more cats in the store than dogs.”

Kristi, who lives in North Carolina, said her cat has gotten used to the new neighborhood.

“She’s a little nervous.

She’s not really used to being in the world,” she added.

“But now, I don’t think I’m going to have any problems.”

And she said that the new cats are doing well in the new environment.

“We’ve had a couple of cats that have gone through a bit of a crisis, but they’ve learned to handle it,” she noted.

“You’re just seeing the cats do well.”

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