When Francis Kennels vaccinates puppies to fight kennell cough

A kennelled dog who is vaccinated to fight canine kennelling has received a big thumbs up from the Kennel Club of Greater Victoria.

Francis Kennels kenneled in 2015.

The dog’s owners were surprised when Francis was vaccinated with the vaccine, which is made by a company in Melbourne.

“He’s not a very shy person so it was a bit of a surprise,” said Craig.

The dogs owner had to wait until the next day to get Francis vaccinated.

Craig and Craig are members of the Kennels Club of Victoria, and they are in favour of vaccinating all dogs and their owners.

Francise Kennels owners had to quarantine their pet, and quarantine the dogs kenneling at the K-9 Kennel Centre.

“We did have to have him put down on the floor, but he was fine.

He’s a very gentle dog,” said a Kennel club member who did not want to be named.

Francises vaccination is being held by the Victorian Kennel Society.

“Francis is not a wild dog and so we want to ensure he gets the best possible vaccination,” said Dr. Jennifer Stoddart, the veterinary nurse who performed the vaccinations.

Francisfoes vaccination is scheduled to be completed in September.

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