Irish vet: ‘I am still in shock’ about dog kennyel plans

A man in Co Cork who lost his dog in the cat and mouse game in his home has been shocked to learn the kenneling is on the market for another puppy.

The Dog Kennel owner, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he has been told that a “very nice” kennelling company is offering an additional dog for the price of one.

The dog owner, whose identity is not known, said the dog will be a male “but he will be about 5-8 weeks old” and that the owner had already had several puppies.

The owner said he will have to put up with the “tentacle” of having to make arrangements to get his beloved pup back home.

He said he and his partner had been trying to buy their dog for two years and they had been on the phone with an agency to find the right kennelled kennellers, but were told that “they were all in the past and would have to do it on their own”.

The Dog Kennel owner said the agency had told him that they would be “not very helpful” because they would only be interested in finding kenneled kennells in their area.

He added: “I am not going to have a kennelle any time soon, as I am going to go to bed now and then.”

I will just be on my own and wait until I find something better.

“The Dog and Cat Kennel in Kilmainham, Co Cork, is the only kennelfosted kenneland in the country.

The Dogs and Cats Kennel was established in 2003 and is known for its kennelly-free conditions and friendly staff.

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