Little paws kitties rescued from a kennels in Pennsylvania

A couple is in a bind because their dogs aren’t getting enough exercise, but they’re not sure how to get the dogs a new home.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, it takes more than a few months to find homes for little paws.

They’re the only dog breed that is often euthanized at the shelter because their owners can’t afford to put them down.

The couple, a woman and her two sons, live in the Berkshires and have two small pups.

They had two dogs at one time, but one had to be euthanased.

The couple is worried about their little pups’ health, but have found a new pet through the Humane League of Philadelphia.

The Humane League is an organization that helps animals in need.

They have rescued dogs and cats from a shelter in the past.

They don’t have a specific shelter in mind, but the Humane Zone at the center of Philadelphia has a few available for small animals.

The organization is partnering with the BerksHire Humane Society to find a home for these dogs.

They are looking for foster homes in the area, and are asking for donations to help cover the costs.

The BerksHires shelter is a small, one-room facility.

There is a door, and a bed.

It’s also very close to a playground.

But there are some problems.

The shelter has been in disrepair for years, and has recently closed its doors.

The woman and sons are hoping that their new dog will be adopted, but that they’ll find a permanent home.

They hope to find them a foster home, but will need to find the money.

They can’t do that if they can’t find a new family to adopt.

They are hoping to find temporary housing, but aren’t sure how long they can stay in the facility.

It could be up to two years.

We are still hoping that the Humane Center is able to help them find a solution.

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