The ‘Hands-Free’ Smartwatch Wants to Be More Than a Watch

Engadgets founder Mark Karpeles has launched a crowdfunding campaign for his new smartwatch that he says will give the device a better user experience and better design.

The $25,000 Kickstarter, which Karpels launched in November, aims to raise enough funds to get the smartwatch onto Kickstarter in the next few weeks.

Karpes, a former Apple engineer who is known for his love of technology, says he wants to create a wearable that is as powerful and beautiful as a smartphone.

The new smartwatches will feature a curved OLED display, a new display design that can be used in two different ways, and will use a battery that lasts up to five days.

Karspeck says the display will allow the device to be used as a phone or tablet.

The device will also have a camera built-in, allowing users to take photos and videos, and can display information in a grid view.

The Kickstarter page says the wearable will feature “a design that is reminiscent of an iPhone, and has a premium feel and premium materials.

Its a premium smartwatch, it’s a premium watch.”

Karpers crowdfunding page says it will go live on December 4, and he has a goal of raising $20,000.

The campaign ends on January 16, with a goal to raise $50,000 to help pay for production costs.

A video about the project shows the new smart watch as a very polished piece of hardware.

The video includes a demo of the new watch and an overview of how it works.

It also shows the design of the curved OLED screen.

The watch is made of plastic with a brushed metal finish.

It has a new design that makes it easy to hold and has new, more powerful charging capabilities.

“The new watch has a curved display that is a little more elegant and a little bit more colorful,” Karpelo says in the video.

The screen can also be used to take a photo and video, which makes the watch ideal for taking selfies.

Kepeles said the design has been designed by an Apple designer.

The smartwatch is expected to go on sale in January.

Kips, a developer and former Apple software engineer, has been developing the new hardware since 2016.

He said he wanted to make a watch that was as powerful as a iPhone and look as good as a watch from the iPhone 7 series.

Keps phone is an Apple Watch Series 4.

KPs new smart wrist watch is the first smartwatch with a curved screen.

It features a premium finish and a metal case.

The design will be a big improvement over the design used on the previous generation Apple Watch, which was made out of aluminum.

“There are some parts that have been redesigned to make it better, and some parts have been changed to make the design more aesthetically pleasing,” Kips said.

Kaps latest smartwatch also has an integrated camera, allowing for better photos and video.

Kps new smart Watch has a 4.5-inch curved display.

It is a premium design that will make it easy for me to take pictures and video on my phone.

Its the best smartwatch Ive ever owned.

Ive had a chance to play with the watch a lot and its a great watch.

Kipels company has already raised $3.8 million to fund the development of the watch.

He is aiming to produce at least two prototypes of the smart watch.

It will be available in the US and Canada in the coming months.

The company will also offer a crowdfunding option to backers.

Kamps website says the Kickstarter campaign will end on January 11, so backers should get their rewards soon after.


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