Why is a dog in a cage?

B&C Kennels in Alabama is using an animal cruelty loophole to keep a dog inside a cage despite having no authority over the animal, the company’s owner said Thursday.

The company is in a legal battle with the city of Marietta over the dog, which is owned by a retired couple and has been living at a former home owned by the couple.

The owners claim B&Cs violation of city ordinances prohibits them from owning a dog at the site.

The city has denied the claim.

“The law says you can’t own a dog here.

And they’re not enforcing the law,” said David O’Neill, the city’s executive director of animal services.

The city of Atlanta has a policy that prohibits dog ownership, but a city spokeswoman said the policy only applies to people and not animals.

B&c Kennels, which opened in 2011, says it owns the dog and has custody of it.

The dogs can’t be brought to Atlanta.

B&C spokesman John Cottrell said the city is not enforcing its ordinances against B&Co Kennels.

O’Neill said the owner of the dog is a retired business owner who has been working on a retirement fund for the couple, who have two children.

The couple has also owned other animals.

Olinne said the owners have filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that it has no authority to own the dog.

B &C Kennel has filed a counterclaim against the owner and B& C Kennels owner, claiming that the owner has no right to own dogs in Georgia.

City councilman Steve King, who has filed an animal protection lawsuit against B & C Kennel and a local dog breeder, said the council is considering legislation to require the owners of dogs to be certified.

King said that legislation is not needed because there are no city ordinances regulating dog ownership.

King said he will ask the city council to amend the ordinance to make it more specific.

He said that would include requiring the owners to have written permission from a dog breder to own a Labrador retriever, a miniature poodle, a Doberman pinscher, a Siberian husky, a chihuahua, a German shepherd, an American bulldog or a German shepherdog.

In a statement, B&B Kennels said it was not involved in the lawsuit.

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