Why is the UK government funding a UK-based puppy mill?

A British government-backed puppy mill in the UK is allegedly selling puppies to UK customers.

The Daily Telegraph reports that in October, a British company called Kennelland was found to be the sole supplier to the U.K. for a group of UK-bred puppies.

Kennellands puppies are being sent to UK buyers through a UK company called The Kennel Club.

The company, which has a history of using animals for human medical research, said in a statement to the Telegraph that it is “aware of allegations that it may have contravened the Animal Welfare Act of 2017” by “fraudulently obtaining animals.”

The statement added that it had “a zero-tolerance approach” toward any animals used for human use.

The Kennels Club’s website is also a registered puppy mill, and claims to be “a British breeders association dedicated to educating the public on the welfare of animals.”

It states that “the Kennels Clubs breeding program is based on an ethical and compassionate approach that values the welfare and well-being of animals and the protection of their health.”

The Kennell Club also claims to “support the ethical practice of dog ownership” and says that it “does not sell or trade puppies for profit.”

The company said it was “very sorry” about the allegations.

A spokesman for the Kennel Clubs website did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.

In the past, Kennelclub has also come under fire for failing to report its operations to the government.

Last year, the company was accused of having an animal shelter that was “full of dogs and cats” and of having dogs “who would beat their own owners” and “were often used as bait to lure foxes.”

The website also claims that “we have been responsible for over 20 years of rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, turkeys and other animals, as well as providing free and compassionate boarding services for many years.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently banned KennelClub from selling puppies, claiming that “it was not in the best interests of the dogs or their owners” to do so.

The U,S.

government has also banned Kennellclub from selling dogs and puppies to the United Kingdom, citing a “history of human cruelty” and the need for the company to report any puppies that are used in “humane” or “humanely raised” dogs and/or puppies.

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