Dog kennels in ‘rose valley’ are ‘absolutely beautiful’

The owners of a Rose Valley dog kenny’s are looking forward to welcoming their newest customer, after a year-long fight over the breed.

The dogs are so popular that some of the owners of the popular breed have even turned to online pet grooming companies to help get their dogs onto their property.

They say they are happy with the outcome and have never been happier with the breed they have been helping for years.

But now, they say they have received some unwelcome news: a dog kenter in the area has been evicted because of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Monday against three owners, who are calling themselves the Rose Valley Dog Kennelers, and their dog kenties.

The owners, all of whom have been named as plaintiffs, claim that the breed is dangerous and dangerous to their dogs and that the owners have violated the Fair Housing Act.

The complaint claims that the dogs “expose their owners to great harm,” and states that “the dogs’ behavior and physical and mental health is at issue.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the defendants are negligent in maintaining the dogs in their kenneling facility.

The case has attracted national attention because of the dogs’ popularity and the fact that owners of similar breeds are seeking similar treatment in the region.

Owner James Luevano said he first learned of the lawsuit when he saw a news article about it in the media.

“I looked up ‘dog kennelling,’ and it was in my local newspaper and I couldn’t believe it.

It was so shocking,” Luefano told ABC News.

He was shocked to learn that the lawsuit was in the works and said the lawsuit will not affect the dogs, but will be “a huge setback for them.”

The dogs have been a favorite for generations in the neighborhood, which has a population of about 500.

The breed has been bred and bred to be a dominant breed, which means that there is usually only one of each dog in a kenning, and the kenners often spend their days inside of them.

The dogs come in three colors — white, black and brown.

They can grow to a maximum of 6 feet and weigh up to 90 pounds.

“They are beautiful dogs, and they are very well-behaved,” Luedano said.

Luefani said he is happy to welcome the dogs into his home and has been helping to bring them in for about a year now.

“We’ve always had the best of both worlds,” he said.

“The kenneled dogs are beautiful, and I just want to help them in any way I can.”

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