‘I’m not going to have sex with this guy’: Woman who was raped by her stepfather is suing him

A New Jersey woman who was forced to have anal sex with her stepbrother and forced to watch his sexual abuse of her has filed a $1 million lawsuit against him, alleging that he was the one who assaulted her and violated her privacy.

The woman, who is not identified in court documents, was a sophomore at the New York City College of the Arts when she met her stepuncle in 2010.

She told The New York Times in a 2014 article that she had a crush on the boy, but that they never slept together.

She alleged that her stepdad had a penchant for “big, heavy, big cocks” and used her to “pimp out” for him.

In 2013, she said she was raped while at a party, according to The Times.

Her stepbrother was arrested in 2015 and charged with aggravated assault and child molestation.

The court documents do not detail the charges, but according to court documents obtained by NBC New York, the man’s attorney claimed that the woman’s statements were false.

The man, who was later sentenced to 12 years in prison, is also the father of the girl’s sister.

In 2015, the girl testified against the man in a civil case, saying that she was too traumatized by the experience to speak to authorities.

Her attorney, James McIlwee, said at the time that she “would have been a very good candidate for a polygraph test” if she had told police.

McIlwe, who has represented many of the same defendants as the alleged victim, said that she would be pleased to represent the woman if the woman filed a civil suit against her.

“It is an important case, but it has a number of serious legal issues,” he said.

“It’s going to take time to resolve, but we will do what we can to bring this to a resolution.”

According to the lawsuit, the woman has not yet been interviewed by police.

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